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LUZZA Nepal is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization. The organization has been established in March 2006 by considering a need of platform where we can reveal a relation between physical environment and human health. These two are like different faces of a coin. Only a healthy citizen can effectively participate in the development of the country, and only healthy environment can produce healthy society. Thus, Luzza Nepal aims to identify and address different aspects of environment and human health issues.

Nepal is rich in natural and cultural heritage. Every citizen is responsible for the conservation of these assets. Hence, it is necessary to aware people about environment where we do live. Thus, the organization is enthusiastic on the conservation and protection of the invaluable natural and cultural assets of the country.

The organization is organizing many awareness programs on environment and human health. It creates awareness among people by organizing programs such as essay competitions in schools, inter-school speech contests, trainings, awareness campaigns in schools as well as in community.



Our vision is to make clean, green and healthy environment by encouraging each and every citizen of the country to participate in the development work.



Our main objective is to make all the citizens of the country responsible to conserve and protect the environment.

  • To conduct various programs in community for the proper management of waste.

  • To produce healthy and efficient manpower through the medium of yoga and natural cure.

  • To promote unemployed people for self employment by finding out their efficiency and capability.

  • To promote the housewives and old aged people to utilize their idle time in income generating programs and environment protection.

  • To identify the environmental problems and  find out the solutions.

  • To collect and sale second hand goods to reduce garbage.

  • To organize various programs on human health and environment in schools and colleges.

  • To organize public awareness programs on health and environment as talk programs, interaction programs, trainings, competitions etc.


Working Area:

Our working area is all over Lalitpur sub metropolitan city and its surrounding village development committees.


Membership rules

Any person who has interest in social work can be a member of this organization by paying  membership fee of Rs. 100 . Membership should be renewed each year by paying renewal fee of  Rs.100.

To become a candidate for the management committee election, he/she must have passed proficiency certificate level or class 12 and must have been participated actively in the organization's work.



  1. Mushroom production
  2. Composting
  3. Terrace Vegetable Farming
  4. Yoga

Our Services

  1. Environment Management System
  2. Eco Audit

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